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bruce MN


Disingenuous co-option has become a cottage industry.

Barnett alludes to civic and cultural illiteracy. And then proceeds to exploit it.

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Re: Who said it?

Rsbs..."most were going to die anyhow" is a terminal condition.

Everyone is going to die anyhow.


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Re: Who said it?

@elcheapo wrote:

You are wrong 3020

Count the body bags.

Do the simple math



Equivalent number of body bags were filled last year...  

Are you trying to equilabrate a virus that has no valid test is the cause of all the body bags?


And if you're going to try to pull some KnoXi or Karen BS and pretend that you even remotely comprehend anything about medicine a defend the test as a valid diagnostic tool, which body bag was the one that the virus was used to create a test to prove all the other body bags had the same virus present?  


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Re: Who said it?

CDC data shows 12,000 to 61,000

Deaths per year due to ""flu""


Sorry, I live in the real world,

And dont accept ""the truth""

From some little internet site..

That does not even publish.



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Re: Who said it?

How many flue deaths this year?