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BA Deere
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compare Harry Reid to Boehner

The thing is, Harry Reid did every dirty trick in the book to help his president and his party.  Reid understood that in his eyes the republicans were the "enemy" and he would do anything to throw monkey wrenches in their gears and embarrass them in anyway and look directly into the camera and do so in a soft tone.   Reid sat on 350 bills that congress bi-partisanly passed, he did that because he wanted to protect his president and his party.


Boehner did none of that, if he thought there was Mexican amnesty support in the senate ..."oh goody!!! The senate wants Mexican amnesty so we gotta pass it...git more Mexicans in here!   Pass it Pass it!   You batcrap crazy TeaPartiers!!"  So it`s no wonder that so many of us are glad to see him go. 


I really think Boehner is "politically confused" as to what side he is actually on.   I understand politics and Harry Reid understands politics, that sometimes if you can`t get your way politically, then you have to get your way through the procedure.  And that includes simply not allowing a vote that you wouldn`t like the possible outcome...Democrats get that Reid and in Iowa senate the son of satan Mike Gronstal understood ...Boehner didn`t.


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Re: The best replacement for Speaker Boehnor

Is Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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Re: The best replacement for Speaker Boehnor

@OKdon wrote:

Is Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

No different than John Boehner. No one will even know there has been a change.

bruce MN

Re: Who to Replace Boener?

Just as BA likes to throw out random colander years to us, try 1964 on for size. The NYT, but not Krugman, Freidman or Douhat, but rather a GOP insider:
Polaris Racer
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Re: The best replacement for Speaker Boehnor

We have to select a speaker before we know if they are any good. 🙂 LOL Yeah Nancy is the best choice... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!