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Who will it be?

Who will be the 2020 democrat presidential nominee? Long way off yet for sure.............but who could it be? ....Mother Teresa is gone. God and Jesus are disqualified because neither exist. Mr Clean is old.....The pure Saint Obama can`t run (or can he?) Joe Biden touches woman. Cory Booker has been drunk and chased a few girls in his past. Just who will it be? You see, you people have made new rules in politics...We don`t much care for them but hey, you made them. The person (man or woman or whatever) you nominate must be squeaky clean. You made that rule. Some advice for you on the left. Find an Angel or a certifiable Saint to run because you made the rules....good luck..............See you in 2020.............

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Re: Who will it be?

yeah if the hayseeds in the rural areas are already in the  know about the state's favorite daughter's high school escapades, how long would it take for the tabloids to run with the stories? so check another one off. Note, if you are going to pull more trains than a UP locomotive, you should make sure none of the box cars  have loose lips.


When they went after a boy scout like Judge Kavanaugh, they basically eliminated everyone in America, if moral grounds are to be the limiting factor. From here on out, the gloves are off, too.


It's to the point now that the 1800's Andrew Jackson election, where his opponent implied Jackson's mother serviced the British soldiers and Sailors, well, that is going to seem pretty civil soon.


Were the British that far ahead of America when they had all their political sex scandals?


I have to admit, back when Mr. Clinton was abusing women while in power, I wanted his scalp. If some evidence becomes available that Trump used his power to abuse women, then he should get reprimanded too. Fair is fair.


It's been two years ....seems odd that if Trump is as terrible as the fruitcakes say he is....where is the evidence? Where is the equivalent of the teenagers that JFK and WJC abused in the white house? Ok, maybe WJC's was 21 or 22....still a star struck kid.

bruce MN

Our Amy???

I just Googled “Klobuchar high school sex rumors” and got page after page of nothing.


So what’s the straight poop? You obviously picked it up somewhere besides the coffee shop or church.


As for Minnesota’s reigning favorite daughter, i’d be more inclined to believe that would be pegged as Lindsay Whalen.

bruce MN

Just might come out of nowhere

A long ways off and the party has no universally accepted leadership so it might have to be someone with a moderate to conservative bent without baggage stepping out of the shadows.  (SEE: Obama 2006)


One name i’ve seen floated around a bit:

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Probably more interesting

is the official merger of the 2020 GOP and Trump campaigns, meaning that it is now officially rebranded as the Incredibly Gullible Good Folks and Real Victims Plus Rich ***** Russia Russia Russia Party.


Should make for an interesting time.

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Re: Probably more interesting

the filters now don't permit the word cr00ks?

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Re: Just might come out of nowhere

Whoever it is it will be entertaining to see the tales these knuckleheads get fed to spread about them.

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Re: Just might come out of nowhere

There's plenty of time to dig up dirt (or plant it) to any name that comes up.   I fully expect that no one's life will be left alone.