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Who will the Dems pick for 2020?

Watching morning shows and such, first GOP side I think if the Dow is 22,000 or better and no "rocketman" missile tests, a deal with China that he can call a win and a few other things, Trump wins.  Trump has 92% R support, I don`t see Jeff Flake jumping in to primary him to lose a further embarrass himself ...perhaps a Koch Brother funded 3rd party candidate to peel votes away from Trump?...but as bad a Trump is in the Koch`s eyes, I can`t see them risking their fortune to a "president Julio Castro" .


There is going to be a battle with the white Democrat wing (Warren Biden ect) and the Brown Democrat wing (Harris, Castro the black guy that lost senate or Governorship of Florida) .   If they pick Biden, Biden can talk about "going behind the gym with Trump" and all that tough guy communist stuff, however in the past Biden is a lousy presidential candidate and I don`t see brown 18yr olds going crazy for him.


The white 60 yr old Democrats that voted for Obama are now concerned about their 401K, pension social security would they roll the dice with a Ocasio-Cortez type president?  they might secretly vote for Trump out of their own self interest.  Where they would love a Joe Biden were he the nominee.  The Democrats` tent is pretty big, many too big. 


Warren is too stupid to be on the stage one on one with Trump.  However a 60yr old Democrat voter might be reassured with her and pair her with Julio Castro you check the woman POTUS box and the Mexican Vice president box.  But hasn`t the electorate gotten sick of that pandering bull crap yet?

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Re: Who will the Dems pick for 2020?

At this point it makes absolutely no difference.  Although it does make for lots of media speculation and babble.


Someone will settle out of it but the next year and a half up until the convention will be about a broad public conversation and the building of a defacto platform.


I have a hard time envisioning it not being O’Rourke when the dust settles.  I’m sure some other Democrat feels that way about someone else.  Good thing.


As has been said before, nothing is more politically tittilating than the anticipation of watching that National GOP Convention.


Honored Advisor

Re: Who will the Dems pick for 2020?

Beto checks many of the boxes and has the odds at this point, but in 2016 so did Jeb Bush for the GOP.  But with felons now able to vote in Florida and Beto maybe carrying Texas, that could be very helpful electoralwise.  Beto could walk the tightrope that Pelosi/Biden holds on one end and Ocasio-Cortez holds on the other.


If the economy stays good and no war things going on, who`s going to be the "shunk" at the GOP party?  I mean yeah, if the Dow goes to <18,000 and N.K. drops a missile on Maui and a little Mexican kid gets shot at the border.  Then sure a "Mitt Romney" might step in to "save the party".