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Why, Brett Kavanaugh turned me into a newt...but I got better.

The Kavanaugh SCOTUS clown circus confirmations just keep getting better and better. Who will be the next victim?

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Re: Why, Brett Kavanaugh turned me into a newt...but I got better.

Butt load of irony in “Newt” coming up in this whole Federalist Society 3Ring event.

the long game

might best be served by a bit more examination of weenie waggin' and whatnot and then the GOP goes ahead and rams him through. Ideal would be with 50 votes and a Pence tiebreaker.


That would burn into everyone's consciousness the fact that, no matter how uninspiring the choices, elections have consequences.


The VRWC- i.e., the RW media complex, Fed society, oligarchs operate relentlessly and will bury you if you give them an inch.

the grooming game


By LKT IV, who would know how it works.


Thinking about the same process while watching Kellyanne dissemble this morning. Somewhere along the line, somebody vetted all The Pundettes and decided they'd do OK as blonde spokeswomen for Power.


And they accepted the offer, becoming multi-millionaires.

a real leftist


Divinity school graduate turned foreign war correspondent turned radical ecotopian leftist Chris Hedges. The real deal as opposed to Barry Goldwater and everyone to his left who are now deemed communists.