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Why Democrats will stay home in November

They know that their misguided anger will be too little, too late.


Trump might have a few flaws, but he is doing a stellar job of picking judges.

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Re: Why Democrats will stay home in November

Maybe I`m wrong...we`ll find out in November.  Seems to be that to nutty snowflake crowd will vote a straight Democrat ticket, they have since their 18th birthday and will to the deathbed.   Okay them are lost, they`re loud and obnoxious about it, no question, we could run a Democrat as a Republican and they would still vote Democrat.... no "winning them over".


In my estimation, not one Trump supporter has been lost (Oh there`s Rodgers and Hortongordlesons out there, but when they see the alternative.....).   The Left Jimmy Kimmel and Bryan Williams have used the network platform to divide the Republican party, but it hasn`t had the desired effect, which partially explains the extreme nuttiness on the Left. 


So, the Left has the base fired up, the Evan McMullin crowd isn`t going to risk throwing away their vote again "It`s a straight Democrat ticket from now on, Baby!!!".   However, many of the Republicans that perhaps wrote in "Jeb Bush" out of passive aggressive protest also see how unfairly Trump has been treated and have witnessed over 2 years of unsportsmanship like conduct from the Left, so will they support the more rational Republican tickets in November?


I don`t think Republicans will lose anywhere near the average congress seats that a sitting president normally loses, buuut if even one senator or 2 congress seats flip, the media spin will be unrelenting.

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Re: Why Democrats will stay home in November

Starting the excuses a little early, there, Jake! Good idea. That way you won't be so disheartened!LOL!?
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Re: Why Democrats will stay home in November

I have never voted a straight ticket but I sure as hell will from now on!
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Re: Why Democrats will stay home in November

Who needs excuses.  The left arrogance and demonizing the US voters gave trump the win the first time and the Left continuous hate will give him the next.   Negative candidates don't win.


Huge changes in house and senate seats over the next few elections might rock both parties.  And hopefully both will struggle to stay popular.

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November could spell doom for a lot of Democrats

Missouri should be a good "show me" example. Borazz's fantasy gal Claire might have to retire and spend some of her husband's offshore millions.


How do you spell hypocrisy?

Re: November could spell doom for a lot of Democrats

Senate is a challenge for Ds, for sure, given the way the map lays out this fall.


In MO, hard to tell if the Good People will be at all disheartened by the recent public airing of their soiled hypocritical undies, or not. But also America's current (not too surprising) racial fault line.


ND looks tough to me- that is a very white state*. I think Donnelly can hold his own in IN but it will be nip and tuck. Manchin and Tester are polling well- I assume because they have some local cred with the people there.


AZ and NV look more likely than not to flip.


Senate may come down to, of all places, TN. OxyMarsha probably hasn't yet played the Christian Joan of Arc card to its full extent (bringing new meaning to the term "opiate of the masses") but Bredesen in also an old D with some local cred.


TX, nah, probably not yet but it could be a lot closer than it should be. The thing that O'Rourke has going for him is that in TX more people actually know Ted Cruz, as compared to the IA caucuses where he just represented something or the other.


But they all have Trump working for them- the greatest turnout machine ever- for the opposition- once they got woke.


*in addition to the oil and coal, also a very agricultural one. Go figure.



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Re: November could spell doom for a lot of Democrats

November 2018....Peak Progressivism?


Sometimes when your crystal ball keeps giving you bad results, you may want to dust it off or find a new model.


Just saying.

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D turnout in the CA primary nearly equaled the '14 general election.


D turnout will be yuuge.


Even if R turnout is high that means a blue wave and I'm not sure how energized the Rs are other than the methamphetamine level of The Base.


Although R registry is almost a nothing burger today other than in some locales- D not way far behind.


But the growing "independent" bloc- bigger than either party- isn't necessarily centrist- most have a partisan lean. Those are the people whose buttons  the Russian bots and RW troll world need to work once again.


Efforts underway in a two-pronged attack. The fake D civil war thing isn't bothering Ds but it may cause a bit of disaffection among possible D leaning I's. But not anywhere to the degree of '16.


The frontal assault is on the minds of the R leaning I's, all the old grievances about race, gender, culture. Also will not be as effective as '16.

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Re: November could spell doom for a lot of Democrats

"go figure"



The vast majority of the American people want a secured border. They know if the dems regain power will we become amicaxico.