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Why I voted for Trump

1.  Obama was a communist. We've spent American lives and sweat fighting the communist then Democrats elected one because of his skin color.

2.  Hillary was anointed to continue Obama policy.

3.  America is becoming a 3rd world country, it's unsafe to travel in many areas.  Welfare is abused, our educational system is failing, our culture is being destroyed, the American dream is going away.  Democrats believe everybody should suffer and to create that nightmare they tax the middle class to a point that the middle class become the working poor.

4.  The Democratic party is all about removing guns from the general public and concentrating deadly force in the multiple police and military organizations.  Historically the outcome has been the murder of millions of citizens.

5.  The government under Democrats has abused power in the CIA, NSA, FBI, IRS and the EPA, probably more.

6.  Bureaucrats rather than congress have been creating rules that are treated as laws without any recourse for the average person.

7.  The world had become much less safer as Democrats have been dealing with Iran, North Korea, China and Russia favorably. 

8.  The Democrats have used the bogus global warming as a way to create their socialist world and destroy capitalism.

9.  The Democrats have divided the country into warring groups and created a false narrative about race.  


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Re: Why I voted for Trump

I have to say that I respect and thank you for
Telling us why you supported Trump.

But there are several things I disagree with.

First, it's ""the Democrats""....they have me listed
As a Democrat, but some the things listed,
I view a bit different than how presented.

I think that is the problem, we want to classify

I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans.

Personally.....""Trumping"", causes me gastric distress
Veteran Advisor

Re: Why I voted for Trump

Your very first sentence negates every other argument you make. Continue to live in total ignorance. Couldn’t educate you even if I wanted to and I don’t.
Senior Contributor

Re: Why I voted for Trump

Yes we are becoming a third world country. Always thought myself a patriot but I will give up on it if John Kerry is not executed. That’s the litmus test for me.
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Re: Why I voted for Trump

A real social progressive soul you are painted the picture of yourself I had imagined.

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Re: Why I voted for Trump

pretty difficult to execute a decorated veteran in America, no matter how severe the charges or detrimental the conduct.


A jail sentence would be a good start, though, along with some fines. I wonder if Teresa Heinz would pony up for the fines or if she would let him go.


I imagine she got sick of that windy turd a long time ago.

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Re: Why I voted for Trump

If he gets a jail sentence they might put him near the beaches in the Carrabean where he gets to go water boarding, otherwise known as Gitmo. Execute.

Big opportunity for Sessions. Redemption

The right has soured on him, with the prodding of the President and a key advisor or two for not figuring out some way to skirt around the legality nusiances and end the Special Investigation process. The huge lesson in civics it could provide tuition free for the nation too good an opportunity to pass up.


Bringing charges over an abstract, never litigated or charged almost 250 year old law would most definitely be a good move for him.  Starting, of course, with of course, the first effort at addressing wether or not it is indeed constitutional.


I was trying to remember the last time i’d Heard anything about it and then was reminded it came up during the most recent Presidential campaign when one of the major candidates stated that he welcomed a foreign government to expand their efforts in pursuit of his opponents emails.


Maybe, then, in so long as we are looking at old obscure laws for prosecuting modern day infractions, little Beueregard could check in to wether or not anybody is suspected of being in violation of The Emoluments Clause.

Re: Big opportunity for Sessions. Redemption PS

Throw in Logan charges on Flynn on top of the rest he is facing.

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Re: Why I voted for Trump

Good post. Kudos. Number one for me was to secure the border to keep out ILLEGAL aliens many of whom are drug gangs and terrorist.