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Re: Why I voted for Trump

Truman saved Japan from being invaded by the USSR and made into a communist satellite, even if he did so accidentally and because he was a pretty low intellect type of guy. After spending near the equivalent of half the GNP for a year on developing an atomic bomb, Truman was convinced he had to use it, and did get Japan to surrender to the USA rather than to the USSR's armies that were marching towards their own conquest.


BTW, ask Bruce if the new Russia is communist or not.


South Korea probably appreciates its freedom, too, but I guess many of the young over there are just as delusional as some of the young here and think communism is a good thing, not the evil that reasonable people witness.


As for Vietnam, it was a case where nationalism trumped everything else, but the new Vietnam is more capitalistic and less communistic. If your really want to debate the follies of Vietnam, dig up the ghosts of JFK and LBJ, and Robert McNamara....I believe McNamara finally did die, right?


Something really odius about McNamara sending all those thousands of fine American boys to die as mere boys, and he himself lives into his nineties.

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Re: Why I voted for Trump

Little al, your selective comprehension never ceases to amaze me. I said those who NEVER wore the uniform. If you wore two different ones, it would appear that you don’t fit the criteria I set forth.
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My reason

Bill Clinton paid me to.  Said he wasn't spending 4 years locked up with that witch.

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Difference between a hero and a hairlip

Had a WW II veteran for a neighbor growing up, the funniest wittiest guy you would ever meet, and a machinist that could fix or build virtually anything. My dad never had learned to weld or cut and didn't have a lathe, so we would regularly go over to have a repair made by this man.


I always enjoyed those trips, and the wit of this guy who could make a witty joke out of just about anything. One day while at his place, some stranger stopped over selling something I believe, I was just a small boy. The stranger started talking , trying to make a connection, and somehow brought up military service. He wanted to know what branch, division etc everyone had been in, I think there were a couple of other farmers over there at the time besides my dad. My father had broken an ankle and it had never healed right, and he was 4F for that reason...he remained quiet and the stanger finally left.


The WW II veteran machinist, who hadn't said much himself, made the comment after the guy had left that those that talk the most are the ones that have done the least. He never made a witty comment, never made a joke, just was very quiet for awhile.


Years later, I read in that man's obituary that he had won a bronze star in WW II on the fighting fields.


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Re: Why I voted for Trump

Sure sounds like you implied we all fit the same mold.

"The traitors here are all you fine patriots who never volunteered to wear the uniform"