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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

"Stupid stupid I`m a Libertarian not an anarchist"    Care to explain your statement John?   Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy of course you don`t, you`ll do what John always does...calls names.  Little tip John, don`t battle someone with a freakishly good memory. 

bruce MN

Re: Just plain ludicrous

BA said above:


Well, communists will come in at that point and say "Capitalism failed!! We told you so!!! Put us in power and we will put a chicken in every pot and make the trains run on time.".    That is what happened during the Bolshevic Revolution in Russia. 


The "trains run on time" comment was attributed to Mussolini, as far from beig a communist as 3020 is from beinga Unitarian.  Actually nobody, Mussolini or otherwise. said it.  It's become one of those things that gets quoted all the  time but there is no reliable source for. 


Nonetheless, the trains running on time would not have been a big priority for the Bolsheviks as they were tearing out tracks and blocking crossings trying to shut down the plutocratic monarchy.




Re: "Stupid stupid I`m a Libertarian not an anarchist"

  If your memory was so good you would not need an explanation, and if you understood some basic knowledge of libertarianism.   Do some study I'm not going to school someone who only wants to have a pissing match.   Use you search engine and be prepared to do a little mental work, it won't hurt.


 Your playmate made a stupid remark out of ignorance, as you often do.  He has only a shallow understanding of what libertarians believe, there is a range of libertarianism, you need to do a little study before you presume to blovate like you know-it-all. 


   I don't understand what you find confusing, I believe in limited government, anarco-libertarians are not realistic.  I am not Butler Shaffer who I disagree with in some degree, but respect much of his ideas.


  How did Br Shaffer go from being very smart to an egghead?  Egghead?  that's what no-nothings call an educated person.

Senior Advisor

Re: Why Mommy Loves the State.

You  are soooo understanding about farming and nature and how farmers can understand the less than stellar results.


Except in the case of Barack Obama inheriting the presidency with a horrid economy and getting worse along with a nonpatriotic opposition that was hell bent on his total failure. He was faced with trying to govern with a completely uncooperative partnership.


Whatever makes you think americans want to live in the type of country you want. Ruled by perpetual aholes? I think not.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Why Mommy Loves the State.

Don, I`m a realist and here`s the bottomline put in a neat little analogy for you.  Half the American people are like spoiled children after their parents had a nasty divorce. When they stay with the one parent they have to go to bed on time, eat healthy, do their chores and homework...that parent is a real "ass-hole".  When they stay with the other parent there is no supervision, they eat candy, sit in front of the tv and video games and that is the "Democrat" parent.  As I said I`m a realist, come November the American people may indeed reject Romney/Ryan the 2 "ass-holes".   And I will "hate November har har har".   Question: if Obama does get a second term and 8.3% unemployment turns into +15% unemployment and we keep running +$1 Trillion deficts will he own up to HIS failure or keep wailing about "inheriting a bad economy and and it`s the Republican`s fault Smiley Sad sniffle sniffle" ???  I just want to to know what year that will be.  If Hilary or Biden run in 2016 when the national debt is over $20 Trillion will that still be "Bush`s fault"???