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Why Paul can certainly beat Obummer and the neocon gop trying to stop him

  Many of the gop sheeple are repeating a parrot line about the only reason young R P supporters only being interested in decriminalizing drug use.  They over look the fact that young people realize they are going to spend most of their lives paying off the debt the idiots are creating.   Anyone who has objectively paid attention to the occupy and tea farty people have been saying they would understand it's about the economy and the stupidity of international intervention.

   In Cedar Falls, two hours northeast of Des Moines and the home of the University of Northern Iowa, a typically youthful crowd numbering in the hundreds packed into a meeting room to catch Paul.
The event's emcee, local Tea Party activist Judd Saul, asked how many in the crowd were registered Republicans. Virtually all the hands went up. Then he asked how many were registered Republicans six months ago -- about three-quarters. And how many were Democrats before that? About a third.
Perhaps the biggest wild card in tonight's caucus calculation is Paul's army of non-traditional caucus voters. His campaign has spent the last four years building up its ranks, and is said to have tens of thousands signed up to storm the caucuses. They have a captain for every one of Iowa's 1,700 precincts, and each precinct captain has a computer with vote-tracking software.


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Re: Why Paul can certainly beat Obummer and the neocon gop trying to stop him

Paul definately has a salable product. The question is does he have enough buyers. I have listened to him several times and i never get a sour taste in my mouth.  I am confident that he is an honest personality