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Why? They aren't here.

A man sneaks up to the border fence and tries to climb over.  But his sneakers made in Mexico slip too much and he can't do it.  He returns a couple of days later and has a hook on the end of a rope which he throws over the fence.  As he starts to climb the hook made in Mexico breaks and he falls back.  A few days later he again shows up at the fence and this time he has a ladder made in China and shipped through Mexico.  He puts it up against the fence and starts to climb.  Just as he's almost to the top the ladder buckles and again he falls.  

All this time people have been watching, one of them turns to another and says, "why is he trying to get into America?"  The guy next to him says, "to get a job."

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Re: Why? They aren't here.

Was that a joke??