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Re: Why are Democrats against one and in favor of the other?

You could sure benefit from a little possession of it.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Why are Democrats against one and in favor of the other?

Let's see, the voter fraud issues is nothing but voter suppression by the Republicans. Voter fraud amounts to, 0.0005%. Now, I think you might like to educate yourself, about what is really happening.

It would help if you watched/listened to CREDITABLE news sources. Then maybe you could gain some intelligence.



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Re: Why are Democrats against one and in favor of the other?

It strikes me as odd, that Holder is going after a voter ID law, which allows the use of any of 5 different forms of ID, as 'suppressing' votes, yet videos of Black Panthers walking around polling places with batons, is somehow not worthy of even looking into.


Vote fraud in S.C. seems pretty tame compared to a lot of places but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  I couold easily find a couple examples of fraud in S.C., but no evidence of suppression.

Here is some S.C. vote fraud:


The Richland County Voter Registration Office in October 2006 heard from a person who had received a new voter registration card without applying for it. On investigation, the office discovered the application had been turned in by an ACORN worker.

The State Law Enforcement Division investigated the situation. They discovered that ACORN had recruited four Benedict College students to register new voters. The group's political advisor found some had questionable entries, eventually firing all four workers.


June 12, 2008

Cobb-Hunter calls for investigation into issuance, collection, and counting of absentee ballots. Cobb-Hunter is a veteran lawmaker who won her primary with 61 percent of the vote and says her allegations are not personal but that she wishes to preserve the electoral process. Orangeburg resident Jeannette Jeffrey expressed concerns over the sample ballots used during the elections. She said the ballot she received on election day already had certain candidates selected. Citizens were also told that if they voted in the primaries they would be required to vote along those same party lines during the general election. Finally, complaints were filed against individuals promoting particular candidates close to the polls. [1]