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Re: funny

Pretty long Bruce but I read most of it.


Sullivan is a good writer, but not an outside the box thinker.   Hardly would I call that open minded, more like struggling to fit it all in the box that he understands.


Really, the people who advocate for our current "free trade" system are either deluded or of bad intent.


We don't have free trade, we have negotiated trade agreements.    For instance Sullivan mentions how free trade creates efficiencies,  well yes it could, but when labor can not travel the way capital can and labor is forced by government to play by different rules in different places is it really creating efficiencies or is it forcing production to where government intervention is the least?   For example, if in location A there are restrictions as to the minimum amount you can pay labor but in location B there is not, where is production likely to appear the most efficient?



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Another delusion

Bruce is that you can favor socialism in any form and be somehow against authoritarianism.  It is in every form, by definition and requirement authoritarian.

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Re: Finally explained to us

Right at home here.


We need to reinstitute Bullwinke's History Corner- I long for those days of The Eisenfuhrer and Saul Lincolnsky.