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Why is the world the way it is, today?

It`s a rhetorical question and I`ll try and save time keeping religion and politics to a minimum.  Ok, satan guarded the Mercy seat in Heaven and his pride got in the way and made him feel he deserved to sit in the Mercy seat, in other words he thought he was greater than God.  Satan fell from grace and the world has been plagued with pride and the other 7 deadly sins that derive from pride.  


There are 3 similar mental disorders Narcissism, Psychopathy and Sociopathy.  A narcissist can feel empathy, a psychopath is created from their environment and a sociopath is wired from birth to show no empathy.  With social media and plastic surgery and such there are more narcissists than ever in the population.  Psychopaths are created in the ghetto environment or the cutthroat business world.  My theory is "the bad boy gets the girl and nice guys finish last"  there are a lot of narcissists and psychopaths making babies and through evolution more sociopaths are born.  


The sociopath is internally wired to pass lie detector tests, feels no remorse.  It seems to me to get elected to public office, be CEOs and captains of industry those traits are what society rewards today, you get the raise and the promotion..."scum rises to the top".   Therefore the country and the world is ran by psychopaths and sociopaths. 


As Dr Ramani says `If I wrote a book on narcissistic traits, it would be a how-to-book on how to succeed in business`


Here is a Dr Ramani interview that explains these anti-social personality traits.   And yes Schurrbart  "waste of bandwidth"

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Re: Why is the world the way it is, today?

Keeping religion to a minimum would be a great advancement in civilization.  Unfortunately, ignorant people need explanations and there are always charlatans willing to put on a robe and give it to them.