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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Why liberals hate national sovereignty

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Why liberals hate national sovereignty

Liberals are 2 kinds, the evil ones (Soros/Rothschild) and the stupid one`s that are very near-sighted.  The evil one`s are basically a true to life James Bond villan, quasi-antichrist.   The liberals that vote for the politicain that best lines their pockets, don`t see beyond the tip of their nose.   Things have always worked out for them and assume that will continue, they think that the Koch brothers etal are sitting on a motherlode of cash that if tapped into would fund Utopia in perpetuity, math was not their strong suit in school, obviously. 


Sad to say, there is no winning these people over, their answer to entitlement programs is always "a little more" regardless how generous and unsustainable they are.   Sadlier still is those in that group make up half, if not more of the US electorate and voting is their favorite hobby. 


Liberal politicians make them feel good about their sins and shortcomings, they need their ears tickled and pockets lined or they will not vote for a said politician. 


Hate to say it, but the country will have to go broke and hit rock bottom and then maybe their grandchilren will rebuild, but that is decades away.   In the movie Contact, Jodie Foster asks the alien a question about how their species got beyond the will to self destruct?  Well, the movie`s angle was about mankind`s waging wars and nuclear weapons and such.  But there`s also mankind`s penchant towards economic and governing self destruction, which is what we are witnessing in the polarized country before us.