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Why no one trusts the media

"trumprussia" reruns seem to keep playing in the stellar minds of some here, too.

Give it a rest and "move on". 

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Re: Why no one trusts the media

Evidence free facts for certain, they just know.   When Trump said we should have a better relationship with Russia, it freaked out the neolibs, like Hillary, who wanted a war with Russia.   Thats what this really is all about.     Even though it didn't work in removing Trump, it did work to make improving that relationship impossible.   They've effectively forced Russia toward China.  

Attkisson's list of media lies:


Re: Why no one trusts the media

Sure, and Deutsche Bank loaned Trump $1B because of his record of trustworthiness.

Out of the Private Wealth Division, no less.

He could easily dispel any concerns by releasing his tax returns and loan documents.

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Re: Why no one trusts the media

What concerns?