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Re: Why oh Why




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Re: Why oh Why

@kraft-t wrote:

What policies are in p-lace? you haven't passed anything yet!

This one. This is how the rich get richer under a progressive Almighty Big Government.



"A billion dollar government contract involving hundreds of local workers at an Obamacare processing center ... But now employees on the inside are stepping forward, asking, Is this why we're broke? Some of them claim to spend most of their day doing nothing," reports a local St. Louis reporter.

The contractor is called Serco and local reporter discovered that, despite there not being any work to be done, the government contractor is still hiring.

"The company is still hiring," says a local reporter. "A current employee wonders why ... After providing proof of employment, this Serco employee agreed to speak through the phone with their voice altered. The employee says hundreds of employees spend much of the day staring at computer screens, with little or no work to do."

The reporter asks the employee, "Are there some days where a data entry person may not process one single application?"

"There are weeks when a data entry person would not process an application," the employee responds

gough whitlam
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Re: Why oh Why

I don't understand why all the criticism of "obamas" policies is sheeted on the debt and unemployment when the original rot set in when he inherited the results of GWBs failed tax gift to big business.

If anyone thought full employment would result from it then have the audacity to blame Obama because of it is nothing short of an idiot.

You all keep blathering about everything but the truth because it was your man who started it all with his ridiculous corrupt policies. But you will never accept that because you are all attending the beatification of the future Saint George. It is the past which is the problem, not the here and now. All the frothing on earth will not extinguish the truth of the past. The problem is the nut jobs not accepting it.
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What policies?

There is a law, that states when the President is to submit a budget, for the fiscal year.

Obama missed that deadline, 4 of the 5 years he was President.  

He was the first President in history, to miss the deadline two years in a row.

He has missed his mid-year assessment deadlines, more than he has made them.

He had a budget submission, that got zero votes, not even one vote of support by a fellow Democrat.

Yet, somehow, it is all the Republicans fault???

If Obama was that serious, about what he wanted implemented, why couldn't he submit a budget on time?   If the brain-dead Bush could get it done, why not Obama?   If he won't take his proposals seriously, why should Congress?