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Why the audits matter

What Difference Does Proving a Stolen Election Make? All the Difference in the World by Wayne Allyn ...

If most of America stops paying income taxes, things will grind to a halt and the rule of law will return.

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Re: Why the audits matter

There is a fair chance that if the audits find fraud, a large portion of the nation will never hear about it.  It'll be censored like hunters laptop was.

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Re: Why the audits matter

Sam, a lot of truth in the censorship going on in America right now, and the need for a reliable free press not controlled by the leftist elements.

It amazes me that the bulk of Americans still do not know Ashli Babbitt's name, and that none of us know the name of the person that murdered her, with certainty.


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Re: Why the audits matter

Quit believing you are the minority, because you aren't.

That is one of the biggest lies perpetuated by the lying media.

Trump won by a landslide.  So much so, that the commies had to stop counting for the first time in history to remove observers so they could bring in enough fraudulent ballots.

The majority of Americans are patriotic freedom loving people that are aware of the media manipulation just like you.  The commie media lost it's grip.  CNN's numbers are so far in the tank that even BruXi won't admit to watching them.... Let that sink in.  

The audits will prove how badly Biden lost and Trump won.  And it will then force states to make decisions... Can they ignore the results?  No, there is mountains of evidence they won't be able to ignore.  And if any state decertifies the results, we will end up in a constitutional crisis. 

None of this is by chance.  Why do you think paid puppet Rickety is throwing a tantrum pounding his fists saying he's going to report me for posting here?  😆😆😆😆😆

The commies/cabalists are that scared.

Their melt downs are hilarious, enjoy them for what they are.