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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Why the liberals been gitin ornery lately.

#1 Romney has a lock on 261 electoral votes 10 more and it`s "President Romney".  

As Rush has always said "liberals get most comical when they`re losing" such as, "Pro-life=ku klux klan!!"    "OOO farmers are getting subsidies!!!".    Here is Dlck Morris` take on Romney`s trajectory   my goodness a 300 point Romney electoral landslide!!!  I look at the expression on Chris Mathews` face as my gauge on the polls and he hasn`t been his usual portly jolly self ...heh heh heh.   Heard on Hucklebee`s show yesterday "If Obama was running unoppossed,  what would he have to campaign on?"   now that was a classy burn.....those that understand, please explain to the slow ones. 

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Why the liberals been gitin ornery lately.

Hey BA, thanks for finding these gems and posting them. Been spending a lot of time in the combine trying to get my last half of corn we have snow and fun fun. You asked about corn is down to 12 to 16% depending on varieties and all seems to be very good test weight. I may end up with a 150 bpa farm average as my better fields are left to harvest. I do know that I am going to take Krafts advice and spend some of my loot on new farm equipment and quit subsidizing the government with my income tax payments. I can't have a repeat of this years disaster. I need shoulder surgery on a tear and am trying to gut it out past harvest but it really sucks.

Soybeans were the worst since 1988, I think a combination of late planting and drought hurt mine. Luckily I am two thirds corn so it is not as bad as it could be.

I sense that democrats feel defeated already, and hope that conservatives don't back off and forget to vote. Very important election, not just for the current years but for the supreme court appointments that will be with us for possibly the rest of our lives. If Bama gets four more years, it will be his court for our lifetimes and we will not recognize America. It is bad enough already.

The quote about Bama needing someone to run against to criticize is apt. This is a guy that has done virtually everything wrong, for the little bit that he has done, and has no record to run on. I think Romney saying four have had four years, and Clint's empty chair metaphor are the signature statements of this campaign. If Obama had done things right, he would have four more years.

Senior Contributor

Re: Why the liberals been gitin ornery lately.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder  another look at the polls historically very accurate  but in the end who knows  good luck with the rest of your harvest  i did 165 on hail damaged corn but probably had a lot more moisture then you

Senior Advisor

Re: Why the liberals been gitin ornery lately.

We aren't near as ornery as you and Romney have been for the last 4 years.


I think you are whistlingin the graveyard. I don't think you are nearly as confident of an electoral victory as you claim.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Why the liberals been gitin ornery lately.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder Red, it`s really tough getting things done with something like that you don`t know how much you use it until it bothers like that.  One positive part is it`s still very early and you can take your time.  We used to always used Thanksgiving as the day to be done.  In `09 harvest from hell I finished the beans on Nov 5th and the corn in December just on the heels of a snow storm.  I offered a friend of mine my wagons to pull a all nighter and get done that yr, he thought the snow wouldn`t amount to much but it did and he picked it in the spring.  Last year was my yr to get boogered up, cut my knee so you could flap the skin back and see the knee cap and nearly ripped my thumb off in  a post driving moment of dumbness.  But there`s still a little left of this year yet.  The way it has sounded, polls taken eariler assumed that Democrats would vote at the same % as they did in `08 and that simply won`t happen this year.  I hear Colin Powell endorsed 0bama again, all I say is some people have a hard time admitting that they made a mistake. 

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Re: Why the liberals been gitin ornery lately.

Say, how many does Obama have?



















Ziocon's phony polls are going to lose them votes..

   snip-- Collectively, the new polls of the past 24 hours have done nothing to change the standings in the most crucial battleground states. Obama continued to hold leads of 2 to 3 percentage points in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and Wisconsin, four states that currently combine with the states where Obama leads by larger margins to create a 277 electoral vote majority, seven more than the 270 needed to win.     2012-10-25-battlegrounds.png  


   I don't think it's going to be that close in Colorado, Republicans are not going to turn out to vote after the way the Convention was railroaded and he is seen as a phony in the west.