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Why the taliban can take over so easily

an excellent video that in simple terms explains why the taliban took back Afghanistan, maybe something that future presidents and leaders should consider

It's also a primer on why letting millions of people cross our border from dictatorships and socialist countries is a bad idea.

My ancestors came here to escape a war torn country in which they were worse than second class citizens.  They didn't want that type of government and they didn't want to return to the "old country."  That isn't true of people coming into America now, they don't want to be Americans, they don't want to have a capitalist society, they don't want to speak English, they want part of America to become part of their former countries. 

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bruce MN

Re: Why the taliban can take over so easily

Gotta have a year and country before I bite. And you have multiple branches so I’ll accept paternal line.  

Trying to guess I can’t see you as being Armenian, Salvadoran or Cambodian. 

If it is late 19th/early 20th N Euro  as most of your sort are, just a reminder….that wasn’t a war. It was what you support socio-politically here, put into practice.