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Why we hear of nothing but racism.

Hint, it's not because of us on the right.




I have in my possession an email sent from Nichelle Holliday, an executive assistant at the Los Angeles Sentinel. The email was sent to upwards of a hundred newspapers across the country on behalf of Danny J. Bakewell Sr., Chairman of NNPA.

The email reads:

    Dear Publishers,

    Chairman Bakewell, Sr. has requested that all Publishers print the article attached in their       publications. Please contact our office if you have any problems.

The article’s title sums up the NNPA’s position nicely: “IF IT SOUNDS LIKE RACISM AND ACTS LIKE RACISM, THEN IT PROBABLY IS RACISM”

Yes, the title was in all-caps. The full “article” is below the fold.

From the NNPA’s website:

The National Newspaper Publishers Association, also known as the Black Press of America, is a 69-year-old federation of more than 200 Black community newspapers from across the United States.

This is America, but you wouldn’t think so in light of recent events wherein two high-profile, long serving African American congressman have come under attack. They are being dragged through the mud in a rush to judgment regarding alleged ethics violations. Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) are the accused.

Rep. Rangel has been found guilty by a House ethics subcommittee of violating ethics rules and will face trial within the next couple of months. He has been under investigation since 2008 due to allegedly using his House position for financial benefit. Rep. Waters is also under the microscope of the House ethics subcommittee for allegedly using her congressional authority in a meeting with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on behalf of OneUnited bank, in which her husband owns $250,000 in stock.

It is important that our elected officials, those to whom we give our public trust, be ethically sound, but in this current spate of accusations, there is something fishy in the proverbial Denmark! As of 2010, there are presently 42 African American members in the 111th U.S. Congress - 41 in the House of Representatives (39 representatives and 2 non-voting delegates) and one in the Senate. The fact is that African Americans represent only 10% of the Congress, and 19% (8) are under investigation! This raises the question as to whether or not Black lawmakers face more scrutiny over allegations of wrongdoing than their White counterparts. We conclude that if it sounds like racism and acts like racism, then it probably is racism! In America, we need to presume innocence until proven guilty, and we need not be led to judgment.

Congressman Rangel and Congressman Waters are valuable members of the African American community who have fought valiantly for our community. The National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), therefore, urges you to stand behind them. We want them to know that we are there for them; that all 200+ NNPA publishers throughout America stand solidly behind them, and urge them to continue on the course and stay strong. Black publishers are on the way with pen in hand!

History has shown that Black people make no progress in America without a struggle for what is right and good for the Black community. Many people want to call this situation something other than what it is, but it is racism at the core. It is daunting, but not surprising that this is the case, but Rep. Rangel and Rep. Waters are far too valuable to our community to give up without a fight!

The bold was in the original article. Note that the initial presumption is racism, not that these lawmakers happen to actually be corrupt.

Welcome to Barack Obama’s post-racial America.

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I didn't know he was African American

Rod Blagojevich is African American?Smiley Surprised

Senior Advisor

Re: Why we hear of nothing but racism.

Why shouldn't they assume racism? You seem willing to assume guilt! They are investigations not trials. So if either one is found not guilty would you question the motives of those bringing the allegations?

Veteran Advisor

Re: I didn't know he was African American

  Has anybody else noticed the increased amount of race-based "news" stories lately, or "news" with race as an undertone? It's a divisive issue, and with the top elected politician of the democratic party whose black, and the republicans wanting to chip away at the democratic power to get back INTO power, we're going to see a lot MORE of this crap. Look at the recent numerous "news" stories about Al Gore, and they just happened to coincide with some talk about cap and trade. The allegations Gore came under stem from a 2006 incident, and some how it was "news" in 2010?????

  It's political tactics at it's worst, much like the "anchor-baby airlines" BS now being promoted by Fox news. It is supposed to inflame people enough to sway their opinions, or that somehow their emotions will override their sense of reasoning.

  Here's an applicable point made below about the whole "hyped hysteria" of the 14th amendment.


Our politics has gotten worse, and it keeps getting even worse as Republicans push the boundaries of what's acceptable in the American mainstream.

Take a moment to consider what's become fairly common in GOP circles of late. A sitting Republican congressman and governor have openly speculated about secession. A Senate candidate in Nevada has raised the specter of armed insurrection against the United States government. A Senate candidate in Kentucky has spoken out against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota believes states should be able to ignore federal laws they don't like. None of these developments have drawn even mild rebukes from the party establishment.

Indeed, the conversations driving the GOP discourse focus around a series of stories -- Cordoba House, Prop 8, New Black Panther Party, Shirley Sherrod -- that have one thing in common: they're intended to make white voters afraid of "the other," whether that be on the basis of religion, race, or sexual orientation.

And if Republican candidates excel in the midterms, the party will believe the American electorate rewarded the GOP for its divisiveness, bigotry, and demagoguery, making it more likely these tactics will be the centerpiece of future campaigns.

The RNC has a "Political Achievements" page on its website, and oddly enough, it touts "Republicans Passed the 14th Amendment" as one of the party's proudest accomplishments.

The party has come a long way in the last 142 years. That's not a compliment.

Re: If obama was a White Guy....

If obama were a White Guy.... with his qualifications, he wouldn't have been elected to a City Council, if he were not of the "right" race.

It is obama and all of his supporters that bring up race with every breath they take.  Obama is without a doubt, the most racial person ever to be elected in this country.  He has set back race relations in this country for at least half a century..... and you know it.

Veteran Contributor

Re: If obama was a White Guy....

You hit the nail on the head.  It was the Democrats and liberals who started the racial crap.  Disagreeing with Obama makes one a racist apparently.  I believe in the end we are not going to be in a "post-racial" period as the liberal media declared after Obama was elected.  We are going to be in a new racial period that is going to get really ugly.  It's funny to me how a Democratic ethics committee brings charges against two blacks from their own party yet somehow its the fault of conservatives that it happened. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: If Obama was a White Guy....

  I think he's brought race to the forefront where RATIONAL people can see others are just as capable as they themselves are. It ALSO brings out the worst in some people, YOU included, and that although you disagree with him politically YOU ALSO HATE HIM because of his skin tone, and will use that hatred to incite other people and their possible hatred...........just to win a f'n political election. That's what is probably the worst part about race, is the fact that YOU, and people of the same mindset as you, will denigrate someone because of their skin tone when all other options are exhausted.........sometimes when all options are not. What's next, punching Jerry's kids at the MDA telethon??? The fact that the republican party will stoop to that level will hurt you for a long, long time, and it already has. 

Veteran Contributor

Re: If Obama was a White Guy....

That's ridiculous.  Your Dems are doing everything possible "just to win a f'n policital election" with this bs nonsense that conservatives, Republicans, tea party people and those who dislike Obama are racist.  Somehow the Rangel/Waters charges are the fault of the same people.  Why is that?  I think the voting public sees through it and your people will be the ones who get hurt by a strategy that backfired.

Veteran Advisor

Re: If Obama was a White Guy....

  Two words, Andrew Breitbart. Soooooo, out of a 43(heard once it was 48 minutes) minute video, he chose to take 1-3 minutes(he claims to have "only seen that part") and pass it on to none other than the republican propaganda channel, or what you rightys call Fox "News". How did he know where to "edit" if he only saw that 1-3 minute part?????? That useless SFB not only has done it once, but TWICE, and both times you right wing extremists ate that crap up WILLINGLY and treated it as gospel. Never mind the fact that it was BS, but you bunch of extremists don't care, because it goes right along with your previously held beliefs. Look back at ALL THE RIGHT WINGERS COMMENTS HERE when that crap was being pushed around.

  How was the crow, or did you have to eat any??????????

Veteran Contributor

Re: If Obama was a White Guy....

Have you seen the whole video to make the comments you make?  Did you see her saying that the NAACP audience she was addressing should seek work with the government because nobody gets fired from the government?  Do you want people who have that attitude working for you or getting paid with your tax dollars?  She got fired for the wrong reasons but I feel sure she deserved to be fired based on the rest of that video and one I saw featuring her husband.  Nothing to do with her skin color either although her husband doesn't like the color of mine.  Andrew Breitbart didn't fire the woman either.  Your president's administration did.  Maybe they were too quick to jump to conclusions leading me to question who the racists really are.  This wasn't racism.  To cry racism to make points is extremely destructive and offensive to those who have really suffered from it.