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Veteran Advisor

Why ?

If this was such an emergency...why didn't he
Do something a few short months ago,
When he had control of both house and

Now it's the Democrats fault....

It just don't add up.

He has to polorize everything.....

But why.....remember, he is a showman....fancy
Hotels, that have dirty problems in the back....
Professional wrestling....known to be put on,
TV show....again, staged.

Again, another how bad the Democrats's them stuttering the government....who
Said they would shut down the government for
Months, wasn't the Democrats.
But alast, the true reason he is demonizing
Democrats... because soon, the truth about
Trump and his people will come out, and the
Last, and only trick available to save your
Hide, is to try to show those bringing charages
Are bad...they are out to get me...

In a criminal court (which it soon will be)
What would we say about a person that said
The cops were not fair, they trapped me, they are
Bad bad people.

Amazing, the number of innocent people in prison.

Right Donald ?

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Senior Advisor

Re: Why ?

It's not a crisis to those who want cheap labor or sleazy votes. Then all of the crime, rape, and murder is just a little collateral damage. It doesn't affect them. In fact it's the new morality.

Honored Advisor

Re: Why ?

Because if all the Republican senate was for a wall, they didn`t have 60 senators to pass it, they needed 10 Democrats.  Then a wall passed the Republican House, just not the senate .  I thought they should`ve went "nuclear" during the lame duck and passed it with 51 Republican senators...but that would`ve come with it`s own set of other issues.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Why ?

If it is a true state of do not
Need to run a bill thru ba

3020.... interesting has been an
Emergency for that long....why wasn't a state
Of emergency declared a few hours after he was
Sworn in...would not have needed congress.

Using that logic....then Trump too dropped
The ball.....if what you say is could
He be so good.....he has done nothing all those deaths...crimes...all those
Things, therefore is blood on his hands...if
It was so bad and he had the power and authority
To fix it...and he didn't do it......

Remember......a knife cuts both ways...when
Going in and comming out.

Also amazing....on here I hear such terrible
Comments how we should treat those comming...
People on here wanting to shoot them, and many
More suddenly... suddenly, we
Are worried about them, their's
A humanitarian crisis.

Boy the spinning wheels are about to throw out
Their bearings.

Senior Advisor

Re: Why ?

So you complain Trump dropped the ball and now you complain when Trump picks it up. It's a crisis. Has been for a long time. Trump has a plan to solve the crisis. The dems want the crisis to continue. How many have to die in the dessert after being abandoned by coyotes and how many Americans have to be slaughter by criminal ILLEGALS before the dems decide to take action.

Senior Contributor

Re: Why ?

Honored Advisor

Re: Why ?

Well, it's time to move on.  You can only explain it to people so many times.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Why ?

Why did he do the nuclear deal last summer? It’s all BS. He just wants to keep the rubes worked up!! All the military will do is string concertina wire on the already existing barrier. I watched them do it a couple of months ago. In fact the surrounded the Border Patrol station in Los Algodonis as if the hoards would enter the country by scaling the barrier at the crossing station!!
Senior Contributor

Re: Why ?

"All the military will do is string concertina wire on the already existing barrier."


Pretty effective stuff wouldn't you say Bart?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Why ?

Hey 20, have you bothered to check the statistics on crimes of illegals and red blooded ‘Muricins?