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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor


I can see it now. Craig and his fascist scoundrel buddies camped on the steps all night to witness their heroes tread the boards at the "freedom" rally. Big fat christie preaching about the evils of calories. You gotta laugh. He has a few mates who seem to have an insight into the ailments of the nation and of Course the cure is so easy. Just listen. And listen they will. Those attending will take great comfort from hearing the republican messiahs give them the message, like it was written on the stone Moses had. Craig will be name dropping for a month after this. He will have to get treatment for his incontinence after being so close to the next POTUS. He has truly found god.

Why? Well why is it called a freedom rally? Freedom from what or whom? Will freedom be dispensed like it was in Vietnam and Iraq? Surely not. In fact there will not be freedom to chose but truck loads of hatred against obama But nothing stirs the soul in dumbass wannabe republicans as a thundering speech from the prospects. It is the likes of these four clowns feeding chooks at this rally and it is this what you require freedom from. Have a nice day Craig. Bring us the propaganda first hand and undiluted by those left wing media hacks who favour truth over freedom.
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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Why?

Nice to see you read this and eagerly await some mind boggling refute from our resident net god.

But why am I the only one who can see this? I am further than any of you and you cannot see what imbeciles they respect you as. To gain respect from politicians is done not by grovelling to them in THEIR minute of glory but questioning their motives and ambitions. Taking them as said is fatal.

Those who bite the hand that feeds them will soon be licking the boots who kick them. Remember that if you want but I will remind in due course anyway.

So over you to refute everything. Tell me how this cabal of lying corrupt republicans can help you into the future. These mongrels have the principles of alley cats. They have form.
Senior Contributor

Joni was looking good