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Wiener fesses up.

Yup he called a news conference this pm and admitted it was his photo and he sent it to the young woman in washington.


He apologized to his wife ,his parents, his supporters and the media all of which he lied to. He apologized tpo everyone but stated that his resignation will not be forth coming. He claims no physical activity was involved although this lady wasn't the first lass to benefit from such correspondense. Supposedly the other victims were all of age and occured before he recently married.


This probably won't be the end of it as there will be a great deal of interest the topic exceeded only by the fact that this american Jew married a muslim woman which should fill up these pages for weeks to come.

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Hawken Cougar
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Red Steele
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Re: Wiener fesses up.

if Liberal America and Hollyweird can embrace Woody's woody, I would imagine they would like Weiner's weiner, too.


Liberals are non-judgemental, just like baby sheep, so what is the problem?


Gays, perverts, lesbians, career welfare recipients, most government and unions workers, all solidy or sordidly in the demcoratic stable of guaranteed votes....what is amazing is that any republican candidates have actually managed to win elections in America.


I would think this Weiner dude will be in congress until he croaks.

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slick willie and billary taught them well

BA Deere
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Re: Wiener fesses up.

Here`s the funny thing, no one wants to talk about that sick fvck Wienner.  Someone could just run a "no text" post tittled "Sarah Palin gets a parking ticket" and get 50 replies. Wienner probably will be congressman for life all because those riding in the wagon "admire the way he stuck in to the repigs!!!".  This will all be forgotten by next week and we`ll be discussing the latest thing Sarah Palin said.  My advice to her and all Republicans...DO NOT SPEAK OFF THE CUFF ON AMERICAN HISTORY....PERIOD!!! END OF DISCUSSION!!  Things WILL be taken out of context, a small word left out with lead to character assassination.

That link is a you tube of Algore at Monticello asking "Who are those guys?"  See, most of you never saw that, it wasn`t a big deal at the time it happened ..except Algore was the elected Vice friggin President of the United States!!!...What were all the friggin high school girls wanting to debate the village idiot Algore??? Hmmm?  Democrats, except Gore know not to give off the cuff history lessons!! 

bruce MN

Re: Wiener fesses up.

I'd concur ba. He!!ishly good advice. I'd encourage all right wingers to make the coming political battles all and everything about the recycled culture wars. No doubt you can frame crony capitalism and upward wealth transfer into the inherent morally superior general position if you remain focused on it intensely and consistently enough. Make "no more fast and loose" into a rallying cry.
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Re: Wiener fesses up.

The thing I wonder about is what kind of warped, twisted minds are running this country. How can we expect them to make good decisions for the country when they can't do that for themselves. Cut the pay in half then the ones who want to be there are the ones who care about the country.

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Re: Wiener fesses up.

I disagree, cutting the pay will have no effect.  It's the perks and the speaking fees as well as the consultation fees that these people or their family members get that is at the root of the problem.



Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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Re: Real Story Aired on Today Show This Morning.

I saw the answers of the real story on the Today Show this morning.  (I can't believe that they would even try to get the real story)  Andrew Breitbart was interviewed by Matt Lauer about how "Twit"er Ace, the Weiner, tried to pin his stupid actions on Andrew Breitbart "hacking" into the pr!ck's account.   He only confessed when he was cornered.  Turns out that the weiner has been doing this for a long time, with many more than six women and sometimes "talking dirty" with women on his office phone on government time.


Breitbart also is holding onto a " very XXX photo" that was on the public social networks as an "insurance" policy that so that the rabid left-wing blogosphere won't go after Breitbart for "exposing" what the weiner has been up to.


I have a feeling that the tip of the iceberg has only been seen as of yet.


Well, Dale Walker ..... have you seen enough to change your mind yet, or do you still like to be an enabler for those kinds of people by giving them your support???


If he is re-elected again, that says more about the character of the voters of south Brooklyn and central Queens, New York.  Probably end up like Gerry Studds as well.


I bet John Edwards is glad to have someone get his Grand Jury indictment off Page One for a while.

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Re: Wiener fesses up.

I would think voters in his district would be most upset with Weiner for lying to them about sending the picture and trying to blame others for hacking into his account.



I liked Letterman last night asking what goes through a man's mind right before he hits the button on his camera as he holds it out in front of him pointing it as his junk.