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speakin' of


slutty hoors- the regular All American sort, not the slanty eyed Transylvanian kind.


The Ab ortion King is about to make sure that they stay barefoot and pregnant and quit taking good jobs away from dumb white guys.

Senior Contributor

Re: There is an alternative

Canada has had single payer health care for many years and bankruptcy due to health care costs is a non issue---something that only happens to our neighbours to the south.


Where I live in SW Sask we have had health care since 1935-greatest thing since sliced bread!


Amazing that the US has not thought of it yet.

bruce MN

Re: Wife reading about Melania’s tantrum

Geeze. Now she went to buy some Frosted Mini-Wheats because the granddaughter is going to stay over.

Took cash into the grocery store and left her ID in the car and they wouldn’t sell them to her ‘til she went out and got it.
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Re: There is an alternative

BUT sasktel that would be 'socialism' and only farmers can get socialism.


BTW was visiting brother in law yesterday.

He just had a shoulder rebuilt and since he is in a wheelchair will be in hospital for 6 weeks until his shoulder is healed enough so he can transfer himself again.

It costs him when he wheels down to lobby and buys a coffee to go with the meals they provide.

Think he also has to pay for internet service since they do not have free WiFi.