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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Will Democrats take out their own garbage...

...and impeach Obama?   This guy thinks so  


The Republican leadership is too gutless.  But consider this, the Mexicans that Obama legalizes drag in more relatives, crime goes though the roof and the economy sours further.  You add that to the Obamacare fiasco imploding.  And the violence in Israel, Obama hates the Jews, this isn`t something that`s hidden any longer.


As a last ditch effort, Democrats may toss Obama overboard to save their own hides.  There are some liberal Democrats that are pro-Israel and when push comes to shove they will choose Zion over the "Kushie".



Interesting theory but I`ll have to see it first.      

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Senior Contributor

Re: Will Democrats take out their own garbage...

I predict, you'd better not hold your breath, BA. In case you didn't know, and the way you talk, you obviously don't know, there are a lot of people on the left, actually a majority, that have been waiting for Obama to finally get sick of trying to compromise with Republicans, and just do it himself! Get ready to be disappointed, again!

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Will Democrats take out their own garbage...

This impeachment scenario has been tossed around for some time by the loonies on here. There is absolutely no crime he has committed which would warrant that. It is some type of rallying call for the right. Much like Craig's Marxism crap.

And to think the left are going to dump the first black president in your history is absurdly ludicrous. I hope he uses every executive power he has to run the country without the blockhead republicans. The country deserves nothing less.