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Will McAvoy on tea baggers

Will McAvoy (Jeff daniels) a moderate republican summed up his objections to the tea party.


The tea party views are ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundementalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by by new information, a hostile fear of progress, a demonization of education, a need to control womens bodies, severe xenophobia, tribal mentality, intolerance of dissent and a pathological hatred of the U S government.


They can call themselves the tea party. they can call themselves conservatives and they can even call themselves republican, though republicans certainly shouldn't, But we should call them what they are.  The American Taliban!


I merely copied this from a blog by the Orlando sentinal. I have no claim to authorship, but I wish I had.


You will know if YOU fit the description.  Applause now!!!

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Re: Will McAvoy on tea baggers

The American taliban


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Re: Will McAvoy on tea baggers 3020

Wow, pretty powerful image. But remember these babarians base there whole ideology on that person being no better than a rat, so they won't get it.

Jim B. in Iowa
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Re: Will McAvoy on tea baggers

His character is about as moderate Republican as you are.  I enjoy the show, but they show utter disdain for any type of honesty when addressing issues and labels. 

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Re: Will McAvoy on tea baggers

Has the tea party killed anyone? All they want is a balanced budget. What is wrong with that? Of the two major parties in this country, there is only one who by their platform allows for killing. Sick, just sick.

dairy mom
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Re: Will McAvoy on tea baggers

I enjoy the show immensely.  But I am surprised that it is not censored.  But then if they censored a fictional show for being biased they might have to start censoring the "real" network news shows.


I find it refreshing to have real American views stated so clearly publicly.

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Re: Will McAvoy on tea baggers

Yes we (wife and I) have looked forward for each episode and are disappointed that they have gone into recess.


Of course that is probably because we are hearing a voice that stirs our hearts. I'm so tired of the lies and damned lies and am so grateful for someone that shares our ideology. Some one is finally offering a rebuttal to the extreme right aka wrong..

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Re: great reply

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Re: Will McAvoy on tea baggers

I too like the show and watch it with my 22 yr old son.  Several good actors in the show.   My son who is does not follow politics closely mentioned during the second episode we watched how terribly one sided and biased the show is.  Repubs are always portrayed as the evil bad guys that lie and mislead the public.  The show also trys hard to portray the more radical wing nuts of the Repub party as being the mainstream majority of the Repub party.


The most recent "Newsroom" shows are now talking about the upcoming campaign and mentioning example after example of Repubs not being truthful with their campaign rhetoric.  Yet no mention is made of the more radical thoughts and ideas by the far left Dems.   Nothing is ever mentioned in the show of the many wild or false claims being made by Dems.


In a show that likes to blend fiction with reality they never mention to viewers that Aaron Sorkin who produces the show is a big time Dem supporter that has made 10 political donations worth $163,200 to Obama and Dems just during this 2012 election cycle.


I also find it very interesting that this show which is a big endorsement of Obama and Dems while at the same time being always highly critical of all Repubs began its run on HBO only a couple of months before the 2012 presidential election.


I guess I wouldn't be surprised to see HBO offer it's programming for free during the summer and the run up till the election.


The "Network" has become great way for Obama and team to get free "advertising" without having to being associated with the message or having to worry about going over any campaign law limits on financing, donations or advertising. 


In short HBO, Sorkin and the "Network" seem to a be more efficient and harder to pin point and criticize then any of the two parties super pacs.


bruce MN

Geeze dag, it's 1st ammendment thing

HBO is pay to watch.  Not on the open network that you can pick up with a coat hanger or rabbit ears if you live in the right place.


Just as big, if not bigger and out of the same industry is the anti-Obama movie that is reportedly playing in over 1800 commercial theaters across the country.  You gotta buy a ticket for it just like you have to pay your cable or satellite bill to watch HBO.