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Re: Will Russiagate backfire on Dems? PJB

What would seem logical with all of the other matters at hand would be if it was a fact that there is likely to be "no there there"  they would come out and say that they were no longer looking.


I for one was surprised that that isn't what Comey said, to be honest,  Just get this over and move on.  Which if he had, it would. Trump's opponents would have been immediately disarmed He wasn't there at the hearing on behalf of anybody.  His last minute statement and then follow up in October may well have swung the election, which many commentators say that they feel they did, so to say he's working for "the other side" makes no sense.


Best indicator of the possibility that the might be a "there there" was the report on the somber demeanor of Senators Grassley and Feinstein coming out of a closed meeting with intelligence officials the other day. 


This is going to take a little while. There might be a good chance that somebody is sitting on something that they either haven't got the stomach to open up on or are simply watching the timing on. Or simply can't or don't dare. Not to mention that the Justice Dept. Is part of the Administration.  Just as it was with Obama and Holder. 


I still tend to trust what Bob Woodward said a couple of months ago.  The man has no ego.  180 degrees across from Buchanan.