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Will The Republicans Figure They Have To Dump Iowa?

Will this election get the RNC off TDC so they figure out they have to get rid of Iowa as a Caucus state so early in the election cycle?  

The first problem is the Caucus.  It's run by little groups of hard-core locals who are fanatical or self-centered enough to spend lots of time pushing their own agenda.  The result is whackos like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump getting far more attention than their real supporter's number warrant.  The independents are left out.  Democrats have the same problem, but Democrats have figured out how to load the dice with Super Delegates so little elements can make noise but not change the outcome.  

For the good of the country, we need a presidential selection process that gives a fair shot to most citizen interest groups and doesn't let the whackos get an early head start that is unwarrangted.  Do away with Caucuses and go to primaries.  Have half a dozen states that broadly representn the U.S. population vote on the same day.

The sooner the better.

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Re: Will The Republicans Figure They Have To Dump Iowa?

This year proved that your theory is incorrect. Trump came on the scene and although did not win the Repub caucus he upset the apple cart anyway. You people are having a hard time understanding the Trump attraction. It is NOT political. That is why none of the pundits understand his popularity. it is normal everyday people who are tired of the political class. The Iowa republican caucus forwarded Ted Cruz and Donald Trump ahead of all the politicians. That is why this election will go to Trump. Just regular people who will vote but not for a politician(Hillary).

When Trump wins, in 4 years, the Democrats will have an Iowa caucus like none other ever!

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Re: Will The Republicans Figure They Have To Dump Iowa?

Yeah, they'll just use Millie's corn poll...

Tick Tock....

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Re: Will The Republicans Figure They Have To Dump Iowa?

It would not surprise me that the current polls showing Mrs. Clinton with

a double digit national lead are a fabrication. I know some die-hard democrats

that are NOT going to vote for the nasty woman. In southern MN you really

have to look hard to find a Clinton/Kaine yardsign, whereas Trump/Pence blue

signs are all over.


on the other hand, with so many RINO types jumping ship and supporting a 

fellow RINO/DINO establishment candidate, they probably do indicate what is

going on.  Trump is essentially a third party candidate, financing himself against

an on slaught from the monied crowd.



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Re: Will The Republicans Figure They Have To Dump Iowa?

The caucus system of Iowa is what made possible the nomination and election of Hussein Obama, I think the argument could be made that Hillary would`ve won without the edge Iowa gave Obama.


The Republican caucus is ran differently than the Democrats.   The Republicans actually DO have essentially a primary, just you have to show up to cast your ballot that night.  Republicans give speeches for their candidate and then there`s a secret vote for each township (you don`t have to say who you`re voting for) and the votes are tallied for the county.  Actually, I think Rubio won in most of the townships I witnessed because of a impassioned speech by a beloved teacher on behalf of Rubio.


Democrats have groups for each candidate, so you have to be associated with a candidate and they persuade and make deals and at the end of the evening the biggest group, that candidate wins.   To me that`s more of what a caucus should be.


But "Iowa" doesn`t matter, Cruz won it and after that each state did their own thing.