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Will make elcheapo feel much better

NBC was wrong and got a lot of people worked up for nothing.


After a more careful reading of the policy, however, NBC’s Ken Dilanian offered a correction noting that the policy would apply to children adopted by American military and government employees overseas.

The new rules apply to children who were not born as citizens — such as those who were born to non-citizens and later adopted by U.S. citizens serving abroad, or in cases where parents who were not citizens at the time of the child’s birth but were later naturalized.

USCIS acting Director Ken Cuccinelli also gave a statement clarifying the impact of the policy, noting that even those children who were affected still had a legal path to citizenship — it just required different paperwork.

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Re: Will make elcheapo feel much better

oh yeah. I see. Like Dreamers 

Senior Advisor

Re: Will make elcheapo feel much better

Too bad NBC had to make up a big fake story of lies.

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