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bruce MN

Winger judges

Been reading an observer of the state of the Courts responding to what some of the GQP Majority State Supremes have been ruling in election/voting rights cases.

As a harbinger of what a 6-3 as being currently  pursued might do.

Writer said that while it hasn’t been a big reported or taught piece from history, the regressive horrors heaped upon the masses of The Gilded Age were to a great degree a result of courts stacked by oligarch influence.

A prohibitive D wave result in the shade of and in spite of open voter repression will demand action. With public approval. That approval being the danged “sticker” that keeps coming around in a civilized democracy. 

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Senior Advisor

Re: Winger judges

Not sure the implications of a third gilded age right on the heels of the 2nd can really sink in on these folks.

But for sure, not the fault of BA et al.

They're the real victims.