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With friends like this...........

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Well any way you slice it, it's not good for the country.  It is sad for trump, if he really has a problem, and his "friends" have a

talk with him, maybe he might step down.  It hasn't been an easy job, that's for sure, and he has had some challanges.


just thinking out loud....if the 25th amendment would be enacted, i think it would be with an issue dealing with NK. 


it is agreed by many, military action in NK would be very very bad......and if someone made an order that would


start an issue that would lead to such an event, I think perhap the discussion would be held.


todays bombshell, threating to pull the broadcasting lic due to a story he didn't like and made him look bad, is

just way out in left field......the media shouldn't be able to say what they want.......i'm sorry, there is freedom

of speech and freedom of the press.

when he starts to make threats if stories are published that does not make him in a good light, just is byond comment.


such an attitude was in full effect in germany when you know who was in charge.


it almost went to the point that "the public didn't have a right to know what is going on".......


this is just getting plain spooky


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