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Esteemed Advisor

Where is that Kudos button when you need it?

Great post, true post, and one I feel like putting up in some other places.

Notice how the white communists here try to say I am a liar every time I mention that they are losing the minority votes?

Like those pasty white  azzhats would know.

Senior Advisor

Re: Where is that Kudos button when you need it?

Red, these pieces of slime don't care about blacks any more than they do women or the climate. They dropped the war on women and #metoo faster than they used to sell slaves. Now they claim women are really men and men are really women. They are fine with men using women to get what they want. They put men as the woman of the year on women's magazines. They are perfectly willing to abuse those emotionally disturb to advance their causes. Same with the climate. Shut down our corps and buy what we need from china. There is only one thing they crave and that is power. Great power. Because with great power comes great riches.