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Esteemed Advisor

Re: What do you bet if they shot a couple of them , ....

You’re the perfect target for the counter disinformation like “Trump didn’t lunge for the steering wheel”

Even if it is largely immaterial and proven false, you have all you need to keep your mind spotless.

Re: Wondering if Craig’s Brother

Cillipone subpoenaed.

Not by the House Committee. By the DOJ. 

Stay tuned. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Wondering if Craig’s Brother

Oh my the highly weaponized  Doj went after a trump layer 2 yrs after the fact right before mid terms whats next

3 scoops of ice cream thrown at the black butler in the west wing 

Senior Advisor

Re: Wondering if Craig’s Brother

Tell us Bruce is that the same DOJ that labels parents who question school board members at school board meetings domestic terrorist? The same DOJ that arrest the dad of the girl who was raped in the restroom by some freak guy wearing a dress? Does that please you and make you proud?