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World Series

It looks like the Cubs are going to finally going to pull off a miracle!



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Re: World Series

(It looks like the Cubs are going to finally going to pull off a miracle!)


6-3 and a lot of game to go, Cleveland down but not out.  I've really enjoyed this WS, I'll be happy if either team wins and ends a long drought - maybe rooting a little for the cubs as their streak is longer.


KC Royals are still the reigning World Series Champions.

epic genius screwup

what was Maddon tinking pitching Chapman last nigt in a 7-2 game?

Re: epic genius screwup

squeeze on 2 strikes. Genius move # 2

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Re: World Series

Nate Silver and the "five thrity eight" outfit had the Cubs and Trump a equal chance of 25% of let`s hope 5:38`s streak continues this Tuesday   Smiley Very Happy

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Re: World Series

For over 100 years Cubs fans have been saying there's always next year. Now they can say there's always this year.

Re: World Series

Bummed. AL Central fan who was pleased to see the Cleveland club get through the AL gauntlet.


But a great game and series. And a preview of young Mr. Bryant who may be the next Joe DiMaggio or Mike Schmidt.


Only comment about the Cubs would be that we attended a game at Wrigley a few years back and it was a very different crowd than I've ever encountered at any of the other numerous MLB parks we have visited.  Hardly a soul anywhere near us that seemed to be an actual baseball fan.  Most looked and acted like they were "there to be seen", fulfilling some social obligation or norm.


Go to St. Louis, Milwaukee, Cleveland or Kansas City etc. and you'll be surrounded by real fans who know their team, are aware of the standings and the makeup of other teams etc. etc.  The Cubs experience left us a bit unimpressed on that account.

Re: World Series



I like the team they've put together but being a Cubs fan is like driving a Beemer.


With apologies to the few old authentic fans.