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Worth noting

that we're all jumping in right behind the MSM Political Horserace meme that is coronating Trump and Hillary.


The results for both parties fell short of the knockout that the most extreme interpretation of polls suggested.

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Worth noting

its really a dirty shame that we cant have a twin bill in November like with WWWF and have a cage match of the Donald vs. the Hildebeest as the main event with a Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders as the warmup.


I would give $50 to see that one. Would seem like a whole lot more bang for the buck than paying $500 to see some aging cowboy wannabee that can't even sing.


A bit of cold water on Trump

When I see your handle I automatically think of Cruz' face. Can't help myself.


Since Bernie's platform is pretty much counter to everything you "just know" I'm sure you'd score Cruz deliriously high in that matchup.


But anyway, granted this is The Weekly Standard but I thought there's some sound reasoning on the premature coronation of El Donaldo, and some cause for concern for the general should he get the nomination.







As far as the breathless horserace calling by the MSM, I'm betting both races will come to a point where it is close enough that there can be a new horserace narrative to drive ratings.


Part or that is just the game- like when GWB had been coronated by the money election a year or more before the convention but they had to trot McCain out to dutifully play the Washington Generals part vs. The Globetrotters.