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Wow! what are the odds of that, .....

....  three Covid stories in one day.

  Story one, a fellow I have some real estate business with lives in Georgia.  A month ago, when I called him he was in the middle of coming down with Covid, "not vaccinated, didn't believe in it, didn't trust it, blah, blah, blah".  I could tell he was really sick and I told him he should go to the hospital but Oh No, he wasn't going to any hospital, he'd be fine in a few days. Then I didn't hear from him until today.  He spent two weeks in the hospital, the sickest he'd ever been.  Fortunately, he didn't need to go on the ventilator.  He's been home a week but is still very weak, incredibly tired. He has to be careful when he stands up that he doesn't faint and fall over.

  Boy, is he singing a different tune now.  Now he's saying, "do whatever you have to do to avoid getting sick with Covid!  You don't want this disease," And oh,  during that two weeks he watched several other people leave the hospital the hard way.

Story two, a local farm family we know well have three grown sons, two of whom were big in moto-cross racing as teenagers and young adults.  Now in their early 40s,  one works as an executive for a motorcycle company in California and the other for a different motorcycle company in Georgia.  Both went to the Sturgis Rally in SD, both came down with Covid very shortly afterward.  Needless to say, neither were vaccinated.  Both were good'n-sick but neither required hospital.  Boy! is their mother disgusted with them and you don't want to get her "disgusted with you".

Story three, two brothers, early middle-aged, run a small contracting business in the next town over (6 mi), I know of them but I don't really know them.  While I was in the barbershop today, the barber got a text on her wristphone saying that one brother was in one hospital on the ventilator, the other brother was in another hospital very sick but not ventilated yet.  You guessed it, neither one was vaccinated, probably caught at the same time, the same place.


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Re: Wow! what are the odds of that, .....

(Wow! what are the odds of that, .........  three Covid stories in one day.)

For someone like you ricki, that's know for fabrication, the odds are not that long for you to relay these "stories".