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Y'all are mandated to quit saying mom & dad

[A diversity and inclusion training by the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado instructs cadets to use words that "include all genders" and to refrain from saying things like "mom" and "dad."

The slide presentation titled, "Diversity & Inclusion: What it is, why we care, & what we can do", advises cadets to use "person-centered" and gender-neutral language when describing individuals.

"Some families are headed by single parents, grandparents, foster parents, two moms, two dads, etc.: consider ‘parent or caregiver’ instead of ‘mom and dad,'" the presentation states. "Use words that include all genders​: ‘Folks’ or ‘Y’all’ instead of ‘guys’; ‘partner’ vs. ‘boyfriend or girlfriend.’"]

Example of actual battle situation under stumbles joe:  OK Y'all, we got some folks over the hill that are going to try and kill you, as we engage treat them with respect & kindness.  If they don't have a gun, let them use yours for awhile, if they kill you with it, we'll let your caregiver know how kind, diverse and inclusive you were.

Hanoi ricki schiff and hanoi bruceQ could not be more proud of old senile joe's military. .....or since they are infatuated with russia and their boy poots, should we now say moscow ricki schiff & moscow bruceQ?

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Re: Y'all are mandated to quit saying mom & dad

really these progressive wack jobs are demanding the entire culture of a people be modified to fit their mental illness.   How do romance languages even exists in their world?