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Veteran Advisor

Yahoo Propaganda Network

Looks like "yahoo" is pulling out the stops to try to prevent Donald J. Trump from another election win. 

Correct me if I am wrong but didn't all five of the accused and convicted assailants actually confess and implicate each other? And a lack of semen in the victim from any of them eventually allowed them to go free after serving some time?

Trump has never apologized for the $85000 ad that advocated the death penalty ....should he? 

I am not an expert on this attack like one of the resident doofus's will soon show us that he is by linking some huffpo piece, but it really never passed the smell test for the little I know of it.

Not like the Myron Burrell remember the youth that got railroaded by Angry Klobuchar.

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bruce MN

Re: Yahoo Propaganda Network

The subsequent DNA backed conviction of the actual perpetrator and “no apology” from the ***** who spent a fortune calling for their summary execution not enough on one hand but surely sufficient on the other?


Veteran Advisor

Re: Yahoo Propaganda Network

Looks like I won that bet quickly.

The poor woman was gang raped, and left for dead according to my memory of the incident. These five were in the park, according to their own admissions on a spree of "wilding" and admitted to rape, Sherlock. Not one...all five. Subsequently another perpetrator was implicated on DNA evidence and's all made up crap, right? Sure.....

Meanwhile, back at the ranch we have a Black Christian man in jail for supposedly firing a stray bullet that took the life of an innocent teen aged girl...but....get this...

for 17 years, this young man has maintained his innocence...he could have plead guilty and walked....he didn't. Passes the smell test for me.

Guess if Myon would change his name to Achmed or Muhammend, maybe he would suddenly be innocent.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Yahoo Propaganda Network

With so much bias in the reporting of "news", it is a great accomplishment for President Donald J. Trump to have negated all the bias and risen once again to a place in the polls that will make him a two term American president.

I hope he rallies the down tickets and gets the supporting cast to help him accomplish great things in the next four years.