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Senior Contributor

Yea, judge rules for safety

The strikers at JD are sometimes over the top in their exuberance.  Passing them on a main public highway with more than a hundred of them waving signs and shouting is nerve wracking and unsafe.

I don't know enough about their "grievance's" to have and opinion but I do know that if you stand on a public highway used by thousands of people who have nothing to do with you or JD and menace drivers you should be curtailed.

Personally I'd arrest the ones causing the problem.

I fail to understand why America has become the land of the free to break the law if you claim some kind of grievance or special circumstance such as sex or race or poverty.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Yea, judge rules for safety

Democrats....What else do you expect.

Senior Advisor

Re: Where is this?

Where is all this standing in the road happening?