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Yeah, you`ll vote for her anyway


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Re: Yeah, you`ll vote for her anyway



It would appear that personal honesty, probity, and trust are not necessarily virtues that are greatly valued among the American electorate these days. Needless to say, this is especially true for those whose livelihoods, portfolios, and wealth are dependent upon electing a known liar and a proven crook.


The good news is that investors and creditors can relax about President Hillary. You can ignore her wacky leftist rhetoric aimed at the Bernie and BLM rubes. She does not believe a word of it. Instead, follow the wisdom, experience, and above all, the money of Hillary's biggest Wall Street donors. In a real fiscal crisis, the Clintons always remember the names of those who signed the front side of their biggest donor checks.


Take it to the bank. What will be good for the likes of Warren Buffett, Jeff Immelt, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Larry Fink, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and George Soros will also be good for America...or at least be good for top 10% American investors and creditors...if you get my meaning?


So vote for Hillary: Our liar. Our crook. Our time. Now, more than ever!

Re: Yeah, you`ll vote for her anyway

In the end it is about Just Knowing.


Take it for granted that even more thoughtful and reasoned people produce little or no original thoughts- they might just synthesize their beliefs from slightly better sources.


Everybody is being worked but unfortunately The Tribe easily takes the prize for believing an abundance of things that are untrue*. All of which have been carefully crafted to appeal to their identities and grievances.


It is an unsavory choice but in the end The Trump Tribe is the scarier prospect.



*sort of how I began drifitng away from the GOP back in the early 2000s- daily contact with Good People who all believed the same things, reinforced one another, but simply weren't true in particular.

Re: Yeah, you`ll vote for her anyway

Or you can vote to punish those individuals by giving them the biggest tax cut in history.



IT was the tobacco lawyers

and PR firms, more than anybody, who wormed their way into the brains of The folk on behalf of new clients from the gun corporations, fossil fuels, finance.


BTW, whatever the direct linkage to the Trump campaign might or might not be, the Russian oligarchy is following the same playbook and has made serious inroads into the alt-right space.


The alt-right space itself appears to be similar to the mercenary lawyers and POR operators- just entrepreneurial folks who saw a way to make big bucks.


"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within."
Marcus Tullius Cicero

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ok Let's


Lets actually think about this and review History, while you are being overly emotional and  hysterical.



Re: ok Let's

The Reagan white house also ran a major cocaine trafficking ring to fund the Contras. Not an insignificant matter.


And Cheney still claims executive privelege on release of most of his VP papers to the national archives.


As I've noted, there's a good 90% overlap between bush/cheney and Trump support but they've disavowed responsibility for any of that.


Because when you wore breadbags over your one good pair of shoes you've done everything right.


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Re: ok Let's

If you rail against all those crimes against the American people and the world is voting for hillary rational?    She is a pea in that pod.

Re: ok Let's

Only in the unpleasant calculation that the alt-right nihilist leninists who are likely to run the Trump-fronted administration are probably worse.


And as I said this morning, my problem with the Good People who support him is that a great deal of what they Just Know simply isn't true.

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Re: ok Let's

Can't think of a better reason to keep the politicians out of our health care.