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bruce MN

Yo 30. It’s started

They are rounding up the leaders.

Hope this station doesn’t lose it’s network affiliation:

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Re: Yo 30. It’s started

Some people just can't play by the rules. Mayor of New York says if it happens there the church will be closed permanently. Didn't say anything about mosque. Guess the American people are ready for a fascist dictator.

bruce MN

Re: Yo 30. It’s started

Yup. The My Pillow guy in on the presser today thanking God for engineering Dennison being elected should be a joyful enough of an event to offset any of the carnage that those Little Falwell s might have brought to VA and the city of Lynchburg.

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Re: Yo 30. It’s started

This was talked about at several of which was

For people in the "religious business".

First....that pastor was wrong.

It was also unwise for liberty

To want to have class in person.

I was told do not tempt your

God...god also give you a brain

And you know better...last,

We were told there was the boat

And heliocoptor rule...there was

A man in a flood...first a boat

Sent out...god will protect me,

Water got higher, helo went out

He waved them off...he drown..

He got to heaven, asked why...

He was informed a boat and

Chopper was sent.

I dont know about closing a

Church forever tho.



Really got the liberals rattled

listened to Trump explain the evolving situation on the flagship Am radio station, and the commentators there said it was a testament to Minnesota that one of our own was recognized, and that one of our mfc'rs stepped up to the plate and was contributing.

Goes back to what I said previously about the real movers and shakers that have made Minnesota a great state.

And it's not the clown at the top that stiffed his snowplow guy because he doesn't know how to manage his own money ingo and outgo.


BTW, contrast the Florida Gov pro-family vs his opponent

Florida dodged a bullet in the last governors election. Family guy running the state vs. a crack head that bats from the other side of the plate.


Re: BTW, contrast the Florida Gov pro-family vs his opponent

Andrew Gillum was named in a police report that involved baggies of crystal meth and two other men in Miami Beach hotel room last night.

The police report first published online by Candace Owens, is extremely concerning.
Gillum, who came close to beating former Congressman Ron DeSantis in 2018 for governor, was apparently involved in quite the party. Paramedics were called to the room before police arrived to treat another man who was allegedly overdosing from what was described as crystal meth.
According to one of the men involved in the “party”, he entered the hotel room to find Andrew Gillum and the other man under the influence of an “unknown” substance. Gillum then collapsed on the bed in a prone position before entering the bathroom to vomit. When police were taking statements from the men, Gillum was so drunk that he was unable to speak coherently. He was allowed to return to another hotel room without being arrested, according to The Capitolist.