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bruce MN

Yo! Craig. I think you might have one down there

Joni. By comparison to Grassley, Corsi, King and Whittaker she’s starting to look like Eleanor Roosevelt or Ann Richards.

Been picking up faint rumblings of rumors of a party switcharoo. Particularly now that the Administration has completely pulled up stakes on Ag and having shook loose of the wife beater BTO and won’t be needed to help with castrating duties etc. her “better angels” seem to be trying to peak through.

Or no? Looking a bit RINOish to me.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Yo! Craig. I think you might have one down there

I missed any discussion on the her stuff and don't need to pile on.


Although I did ask my wife how many minutes it would have taken her to hit the door with the kids if I'd hit her in an argument over creeping on the babysitter.


She said less than five, and for either one as an individual offense.