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Yo! Gooey, Sam.... serious question for insiders

Wet behind the ears Fla. Boy Wonder U.S. Rep Gaetz just posted a Tweet asking “Where is John Durham”?

Been wondering here ourselves for at least a couple of months now since being alerted that something HUGE was just around the corner.

Barr has gone full crickets, but if there are going to be indictments, or summary executions for that matter, Durham wouldn’t have to necessarily have him in for any announcement.

And why wouldn’t Gaetz know when he sleeps in the same bunkhouse with Jordan, Nunnes and Gohmert.

All part of the Kraken Sidney is going to unleash and the rift between her and Dennison and Rudy just a foil?

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Re: Yo! Gooey, Sam.... serious question for insiders

I said from the start that no one would suffer any punishment for the serious crimes committed.   You should be saddened by the fact that the law does not apply to the powerful, but don't really think you're bright enough to see the implications.

From greenwald, quite a long essay:


if you believe that true power and authoritarianism rests not with the national security state and the political parties funded by oligarchical centers but in random fringe bands of your fellow citizens, then you are many things. A warrior against fascism and authoritarianism is most definitely not among them.

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Re: Yo! Gooey, Sam.... serious question for insiders

Bruce is the man and the man won. Bruce feels nothing but happiness and pride. This has been his goal since his college days. Destroy the country from the inside.