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Re: "Responded to Pelosi's call", so what?


speculation on my part... sure... based on how you operate.

just found this nugget you posted an hourish ago (see bottom of post)


speculating that it is an attempt to start the backtrack from previous assertions by you in this case...  then you can run with one of your "told ya" posts and not own up to being wrong.  You win no matter how it goes.

speculation that this AM you got wind of what is referenced in the tweet above .... and now we get the set up post from you below.







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Re: Cerebral voters know the truth on this one

Time is running out on showing the surveillance tape.     Give them time and they'll make a fake one.   

That's if they actually care if people believe the story.

Re: Not exactly, but sorta like..,

Upon reading your post only too often do I sa “Huh?”.

Have you read the Mueller report? It’s “results?”.

Durham validated it, and yet know you cast doubt on it?  What’s with you?

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Re: "Responded to Pelosi's call", so what?

Lets see the tape.   Why didnt the window breaking trigger an alarm?   Did depape yell "this is maga country"?

Dear lying S o S

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Re: Dear lying S o S

(10 months)

Speaking of a lying S of S, is it gonna take you 10 months? [Yo! bruceQ....err, bruceQschiff, show me what I said - put up or shut-up.]

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I was wrong

if you believe that RX3 is real, but joebiden and the CCP is fake, there really is not a lot of hope for you in this world.

it will take generations of deprogramming to make the USA back into some semblance of a literate, functioning republican based society.

Fruitloop nation is in full bloom.

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Re: I was wrong

Red, you can't reason with people who claim men have babies.