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Yo! Red...We 're from Minnesota and couldn't be prouder,,

The old school ball game cheer. "If you can't hear us..............


As nox says.."our shelley".


This woman from our fair state is running for President.


"If I were Presidetn, I'd shut down our embassy in Iran!"


Only problem with that is we haven't had one there since it was taken over and occupied by Iranian radicals in 19...freakin...79.


She;s running for President of The United States. Our fellow gophers in a district that blends the Big box church filling uber yuppies of Washington County with the inbred Goths of Stearns and Benton sent her to Congress..... twice.



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Re: Yo! Red...We 're from Minnesota and couldn't be prouder,,

Bruce, did see Perry's latest case of foot in mouth disease.   Perry told a group of New Hampshire college students that he'd appreciate their vote if they were turning 21 by Nov. 12.  Perry killed two birds with one stone so to speak.   The nation's voting age is 18 and the election is Nov. 6.  He could lead a campaign manager to heavy drinking in short order.