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Yo. Turdy. Looking out for you

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Re: Yo. Turdy. Looking out for you

Did you read the comments?

Re: Yo. Turdy. Looking out for you

The replies?

I certainly did.   Wouldn’t want to be confused with gooey. Dweedle or Al and just poop out a headline without a clue as to what it was about.

What did I miss? 90% in support of the original point.    

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Re: Yo. Turdy. Looking out for you

The only positive thing that a hypQcrat can point out in the increase inflation & taxes bill (IIT) is a small part on insulin?

HypQcrats: 1/10th of 1% of the IIT is on insulin and the rest of IIT is pork, Republicans are voting against insulin.

Dang hypQcrats.

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Re: Yo. Turdy. Looking out for you

"The Parliamentarian has ruled that the cap on insulin in the private insurance market is not compliant with the rules.   But Democrats have left that in the bill, daring Republicans to strip it out."

Re: Yo. Turdy. Looking out for you

Trent Lott set the precedent years ago. Ignore the Parliamentarian or fire them.

I’d expect that Senator Shuler will let it play out loud and for as long as possible to maximize the # of seniors who see it.

And the Parliamentarian can be overruled by a 60-40 margin, taking it out of reconciliation.  Hold that vote on it’s own right out in the light of day.

Interesting how interested you suddenly are in the workings of a government that you so vehemently despise.

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Re: What's the dare part?

Trump couldn't even get the insulin price cap through the Senate when he was president and McConnell was in charge of the Senate.  In fact, it was McConnell who said, "no way, over my dead body."

  Why is it when insulin here costs more than twice as much as insulin in every other developed country, the republicans are just so dead set against poor diabetics having access to such absolutely essential medicine. People are dying every day in this country because the republicans insist on it.

  The republicans complain about "baby-killers" when they are actually willfully killing people.

7 more RINOS to purge

They left it in for Medicare Turdy

but I’m sure you’d never take that welfare program, simply out of principle.  

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Re: What's the dare part?

Meet Joe Manchin's Appalling Daughter - Jacobin


The whole insulin price gouging is just awful and scummy but I wouldn't follow the families in the Pharma lobby who make big bucks off of playing politics with peoples health 

Reminds me of the covid vaccine scam seems Pfizer mad e huge profits for injuring people

Reminder Trump's EO on insulin was nixed by * to much "red Tape" right Ricky