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Re: What's the dare part?

The Manchin Family Maneuver

Viatris’s action on insulin is a genuine improvement, enabled by the FDA’s smart intervention to ameliorate a pathology of market behavior.

But who is Viatris? Why are they getting in the game? Funny you should ask.

Viatris is the new name for the firm Mylan, whom you may remember as the producers of the EpiPen — the epinephrine auto-injectors that many food allergy sufferers depend on to treat incidents of anaphylactic shock. Mylan steadily jacked up the price of a two-pack of EpiPens from $124 in 2009 to $609 in 2016, prompting a public outcry that forced the firm to issue a generic alternative with a lower (but still scandalous) $300 price ticket.



Pharmaceutical executive Heather Bresch in 2015. (Wikimedia Commons)

Mylan, which controlled 96 percent of the US market for epinephrine auto-injectors, was able to engage in these shenanigans by colluding with Pfizer, the owner of EpiPen’s competitor, Adrenaclick. Pfizer withdrew Adrenaclick from the market, delivering a monopoly to Mylan, in return for a cut of the price-gouging proceeds, which would allow Pfizer to earn more than it would by producing a cheaper competitor. (Interestingly, over the course of this price-gouging episode, Mylan was among the largest donors to the campaign of Democratic senator Joe Manchin, who is also the father of Mylan’s CEO, Heather Bresch. As the Intercept revealedlast year, her mother, Gayle Manchin, then head of the National Association of State Boards of Education, encouraged states to force schools to stock her daughter’s lifesaving and, very expensive, monopoly commodity.)

Mylan ultimately dropped its tarnished name. Producing Semglee is another means to launder its terrible brand. And Mylan/Viatris is able to do so while not really losing out on the insulin bonanza: Semglee also comes in a branded version, targeting insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (more on these middlemen and the unique bit of devilry they get up to in the United States shortly) at about $270 per vial, or roughly $400 for five pens. This still ends up costing the US system far more than other nations spend.

This is back when the leftist socialists who write these articles on Jacobin 🤣very fitting by the way were big mad at Joe now he will good to go 

You just have to get in line behind the satanists

Re: Yo. Turdy. Looking out for you

One more dumb GQP move that affects poor  Red states and areas the most. 

in time, ***** like that can start to bind. 

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Re: What's the dare part?

"Why is it when insulin here costs more than twice as much as insulin in every other developed country"

Because government enforced pharma monopoly.  

Just order it from an online Indian or Mexican pharmacy.  Might not get it though because that's illegal.

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Re: What's the dare part?

The new McStain wannabe will be lauded as a hero and his connections to the industry will be overlooked as they already have today