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Yo, Turdy

I’m thinking you might be the go to for an explanation of why a fat, ugly loser like Bannon hates America so much.

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BA Deere
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Re: Yo, Turdy

So, what "America" are we talking about?  The "America" that Reverend Wright said "g-d damn America" or the "America" that Michelle  Obama mentioned that was before she was finally proud of?

We are rapidly approaching the fork in the "American road" where the ATF kicks in your door and confiscates your guns how many of us will then love our country?  Or dozens other events of lost freedom when we all will be saying g-d damn America?   God has given up, I doubt if He any longer hears America`s prayers.  



Senior Advisor

Re: Yo, Turdy

I'm not part of the hate America crowd that fly the ukraine flag. I'm not part of the hate America crowd that defends the insurrectionist FBI.