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You Eat Too Much Meat

It's OK, I do, too!


It's the latest salvo in the environmental and diet war.  


A bunch of people from all over the world, all of them smarter than you and me, are saying this.  one beef burger and two servings of fish a week, a couple of eggs a week, a glass of milk a day, you get the idea.


Eat veggies and nuts.


That's what you are doing, right?  Huh?


If these guys had been in Montana in 1876, Custer would still be alive because the Indians wouldn't be worried about the buffalo.

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Re: You Eat Too Much Meat

Depends on how you define "smarter".  Just thinking back to some of the idiots I knew in college that put in many more years of schooling to become doctors, lawyers, professors, dentists, etc., but weren't necessarily any "smarter" than anyone else I knew, sometimes quite the opposite, but they put in the time (and money) to get their desired credentials.